Regentis Biomaterials

Regentis Biomaterials is a global regenerative medicine company dedicated to developing groundbreaking tissue repair solutions that restore the health and quality of life of patients. Regentis Biomaterials Ltd. is a privately-held company that has been founded in 2004 to develop and commercialize products based on Gelrin™, a proprietary hydrogel platform for the repair of damaged or diseased tissue. The technology was developed by Professor Dror Seliktar, a world-renowned expert in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The technology, products and know-how are protected by 18 worldwide granted patents and 14 pending patent applications. The company has 16 full-time and part-time employees and is operating since 2007 from the company’s headquarters in Or Akiva, Israel.

Regentis flagship product is GelrinC™. GelrinC is designed for the repair of cartilage defects in articulating joints caused by acute or repetitive trauma. It can be injected directly into the injury site using a proprietary, minimally invasive surgical technique. Once the polymer has completely filled the defect, it is transformed into a hydrogel by photo-curing under UV light for 90 secs. Over time, the polymer degrades and is replaced by new hyaline-like cartilage resulting in an effective repair with excellent integration of old and new tissue. Human clinical trials on over 50 patients which commenced in 2008 in the EU have demonstrated outstanding improvements in patient outcomes at 3 and 4 years. This improvement in both patient self-reported scores and MRI evaluation is superior to that seen with a traditional microfracture (MFx) procedure.
In 2017, Regentis obtained a marketing clearance for GelrinC in Europe (CE Mark). In the US, Regentis is currently enrolling subjects into its Phase 3 trial at sites in the US and Europe. GelrinC is compared to a historical MFx control arm. All patients enrolled to the study will receive GelrinC treatment.
Regentis is developing a number of additional products based upon its core hydrogel technology. These include a novel injectable polymer for the treatment of early-moderate osteoarthritis that possesses unique joint preservation properties and a paste version of GelrinC for hard to access joints (e.g talus, hip, etc.).


Leading WP3: Optimization of the PEG- and Pluronic- based hydrogels. Development, optimization and synthesis of biosynthetic hydrogels in a GMP compatible process in an industrial environment; Participation in nanotubes and piezoelectric particles functionalization for the optimization of the biosynthetic nanocomposite hydrogels; Leading exploitation activities, IP protection and FTO; Chairing the Intellectual Property and Exploitation Committee (IPEC).