Project Coordinator (PC)

The PC is the only contact point between the European Commission and the ADMAIORA Consortium and coordinates the different research and technological activities foreseen in the project.
ADMAIORA PC: Leonardo Ricotti


Project Manager (PM)

The PM supports the PC and is responsible for all the activities concerning the contractual, organizational and work-related project issues.


Technical Project Manager (TPM)

The TPM provides support on the organization and coordination of the technical aspects of the project.
ADMAIORA TPM: Lorenzo Vannozzi


Communication Manager (CM)

The CM is responsible for the communication initiatives. He supports the PC and PM in devising, organizing and managing such initiatives and to collect feedbacks for them.
ADMAIORA CM: Paola Giulia Cormio


Financial and Administrative Coordinator (FAC)

The FAC will be closely working with the PM in order to synchronize the contractual and administrative items with the accounting and financial issues.
ADMAIORA FAC: Monica Vignoni, Giada Gerberini, Monica Giagheddu, Federica Radici, Fabiana Giannotti.


Board of Partners (BoP)

The BoP is the organ that takes the main decisions during the project course.


Work Package leaders (WPL)

The WPL are responsible for the timely implementation of the work planned in the respective work package.


Ethical Advisory Board (EAB)

The EAB monitors the implementation of activities, ensuring adherence to ethical principles and advises the PC and PM on ethical issues arising in the project.


Intellectual Property and  Exploitation Committee (IPEC)

The IPEC is involved in the exploitation task. It monitors the Consortium intellectual property protection, defines an exploitation roadmap and aims at consolidating possible exploitable results, fostering the future commercialization of the project outcomes.


External scientific Board (ESB)

The ESB aims at advising the Consortium in the project course about the most appropriate scientific and technical decisions to be taken for achieving the final project objectives.


End-Users Board (EUB)

The EUB includes end-users along the whole value chain. It favors the dissemination and communication of the project results, making easy contacts outside the Consortium with appropriate target groups.