Vimex Sp. z o. o. (VIMEX ENDOSCOPY) is a privately held medium sized company specialized in development and manufacturing of advanced active medical devices dedicated to Arthroscopy, Urology, Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy.
The company has started design and development of medical products in 2007 reaching the current product portfolio (arthroscopy shavers, medical fluid pumps, video endoscopy systems, light sources, etc.). Across past 10 years, as a very unique company in the world, Vimex has developed a complete arthroscopic tower.



Currently the company covers the area of 600 square metres to serve management, administration, R&D and production. The company has implemented and successfully maintained the ISO 13485 with its newest release. The core competences of the company concern the design and development of electromechanical devices including embedded firmware. All products manufactured by Vimex are undergoing suitable assessment procedure to prove compliance with the latest requirements faced on the European Union market, which confirms also experience in releasing the product for commercial purposes.
Furthermore, Vimex is working as a reliable original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier of medical devices for customers located in Germany, Switzerland, France but also all over the world.



The main Vimex’s activity in the project is the design and development of the handheld 3D bioprinter intended to be a surgical tool for arthroscopic (minimally invasive) interventions. Such an in situ biofabrication tool will be based on a motorized extrusion system pneumatically driving the local printing of both nanocomposite hydrogel and stem cells.
Vimex takes part also in the technological / regulatory constraints and opportunities definition for the medical devices to be developed in ADMAIORA (WP2) and will give support in the testing phase on phantoms and during the in vivo study as well as the validation phase on human volunteers (WP7).